Risskov Gymnasium hjælper i Ghana

Studenterne fra 2018, Anna Vendelboe Juul Hansen og Ellen Tanderup Petersen, har sendt et rejsebrev fra deres ophold i Ghana, hvor de med egne øjne ser og bidrager til, at indsamlede penge fra Risskov Gymnasium hjælper ældre i Ghana.

Over the next couple of days, a 100 Ghanaian elderlies will receive health insurance providing them hospital care and prescribed medicine for a price they are able to afford.

143 children at the orphanage Potter's Village received medical equipment and so did the volunteer organisation Care 4 The Aged Outreach where men like Frederick Zoe Ayensu work very hard to take care of the senior citizens while fighting for government assistance.

Just a few months in Ghana and you remember how grateful and humble you should be to live in a country where economic mobility and an incredible welfare system is ready to catch you if you should fall.

But the educational facility Risskov Gymnasium has now made over 200 people's lives much easier. Thanks to 'Ghana Day' students have every year been raising money and some of the money has now been used on the elderlies and children in the city Dodowa.

It is not often you experience so much happiness, appreciation and gratefulness gathered in one place. From all of us; Thank You Risskov Gymnasium

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