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A real dual career

The main goal of this project is to reduce the dropout rate amongst female athletes in talent development programmes, through mentoring and role modelling. In our work with Dual Career (DC), we have experienced an unacceptably high dropout rate from sports, as athletes advance through their education. The dropout rate is particularly notable for girls. We aim to reduce dropout caused by affectable factors. We will investigate and assess how mentoring and role modelling affects the motivation of female athletes and through a positive method, develop the fundamentals to build a platform used in the work with women in sports.   

We are from FR, IT and DK. We represent public schools and grass root organizations for gender equality in sports. This gives us a much diverse perspective on Dual Career. Our project builds on a strong and experienced network based on common interest in the EU. All partners have been working intensively with talent development and Dual Career for several years and all are part of elite sports- and talent development environments. All partners share the perception that dropout is a substantial and common European challenge. This project will contribute to increasing the quality of previously tested and successful programs, and will benefit across Europe.

Based on current practices, we aim to develop a common toolkit, which can support the work with Dual Career. We will support the project with the latest research in the field of sport psychology and build on former Erasmus+ projects addressing drop out and Dual Career. We aim to share good practices of how we use role modelling and mentoring in our organizations, map the competencies of current and former athletes in successful Dual Career programs and through this, build the knowledge to support a platform used across Europe. 

The goal is to transform sports skills into life skills by making the synergies between sport and education clearer to the athletes.