Risskov Gymnasium is a Danish high school situated in the city of Aarhus. The school is located in the beautiful northern part of the city, with easy access to the forest and the beach, but still very close to the centre of the city.

The school opened in 1968. From the very beginning it has been the select choice for local students, but also students from other parts of Aarhus and neighbouring areas have chosen Risskov Gymnasium.


Risskov Gymnasium have approximately 800 students enlisted ranging from 15 to 19 years of age, 80-90 teachers, and 15-20 administrative and technical staff members. The management of the school has 6 members and is led by Principal Gitte Horsbøl.

The school welcomes 10 classes each year and has a total of 30 classes divided into a Freshman, Junior and Senior year. Our students are placed in a class of their choice. Each class has its own distinctive profile in terms of the subjects taught.

The different profile ranges from focusing on natural science with subjects such as Biotechnology, Physics, Chemistry and Biology; political science with subjects such as Social Studies, Economics, Psychology and Media Studies; and language and arts with subjects such as French, Spanish, German, Latin, Greek and Music.

Besides these profile subjects we teach a number of mandatory subjects such as Math, English, Social Studies and Danish, as well as approximately 25 select subjects ranging from Astronomy over Philosophy to Physical Education.

Upon completion of their Senior Year the students get a diploma granting them access to university or equivalent education provided they have the sufficient grades. A number of excellent students are presented with a scholarship.

Academically Risskov Gymnasium emphasizes on excelling in all fields and regularly participates in math and natural science competitions, political debate competitions as well as events and competitions within all fields of the arts. These competitions are on a national as well as an international level. To supplement this and further excel we have a special talent program, where gifted students meet up with likeminded students and receive further education; often at university level.

We also accentuate an international outlook and collaboration with other schools, NGOs and educational institutions in Denmark as well as abroad. Recently this has led to connections with Ghana, Canada, Germany and a joint venture project within the framework of the European Union between schools in Portugal, Greece, Romania, Turkey and Germany. All classes also go on 1 to 3 excursions abroad during a three year period. Many of these excursions are to European countries, but some also to the United States. Besides this we have a program for academically, socially and economically affluent students who can apply for a six week exchange to another country where he or she attends a local school and lives with a local family.

To complement the education we also offer a number of social or extra-curricular activities. Many of these are student motivated and initiated by The Student Council. These activities range from different sports, music, theater, lectures, field trips and parties.

For further information please contact:

Gitte Horsbøl
Phone: +45 86 21 40 77
Assistant Head and Head of International Relations:
Hans Elgaard Mogensen
Phone: +45 87 36 14 98